Do you want more in life? Not more quantity (stuff) but more quality? More engagement with the complexity of the natural and social worlds? More creative outlets to process significant life events? More fulfillment in your work and your interactions with others? Inviting Abundance devotes its energy to promoting this “more”!

Through our three primary channels of Grief Work, Learning, and Reiki, we build intimate relationships with our clients through the construction of personalized healing or learning plans and practical strategies for cultivating your personal growth, intellect, and intuition.

The destination of all of these channels is the same: a more empowered, focused, energized, creative, and engaged You!

We bring our backgrounds as grieving parents, PhD researchers, performing artists, university teachers, travellers, healers, published authors and editors, and international speakers to this work. When you join forces with us, your reservoir of resources increases 100 fold.  

Work with us Online or In Person in Asheville!


“Perhaps the biggest tragedy of our lives is that freedom is possible, yet we can pass our years trapped in the same old patterns [...] each day we listen to inner voices that keep our life small.”

-Tara Brach, Radical Acceptance