Terms & Policies


Package purchase policy:

As described on this website, the initial consultation with Will Daddario and/or Joanne Zerdy is free of charge. The purpose of this consultation is to determine whether we all fit together as a team and whether Joanne and Will are capable of supporting you on the path toward your goals/objectives as discussed. Upon deciding to hire Joanne and Will, you will be responsible for purchasing a 4-Session Package. Once you have paid for this package, you will be able to Schedule your Sessions during a pre-determined time period (for example, one or two months).


By purchasing services with Inviting Abundance, you are agreeing to pay for those services in full. Please make every effort to inform us ahead of time if you need to miss or reschedule a session. You will not receive a refund for a scheduled session that you do not attend. It will likely be possible to reschedule your missed session, but it will be your responsibility to make a new appointment to meet.


Though our services are not covered by a "doctor/patient confidentiality" agreement, we do take the privacy of your life very seriously and promise to keep all records stored safely in electronic files, all email communications strictly between ourselves, and all conversations private. 

Learning/Teaching Mentorship:

Although we, Will Daddario and Joanne Zerdy, hold PhDs and have worked as university professors and academic researchers, writers, and editors, we are not an accreditated facility. So we cannot award (for example) any university credits for your study or mentorship with us. However, as a Reiki Master Teacher, Will does award certificates of completion to students who complete Reiki training sessions with him.


We have no intention to pry into your medical history, but it may be helpful to know if you are or have been experiencing any major medical issues. Likewise, it will be helpful to know about the various healing modalities you've employed in the past, whether they come from the Western or Eastern traditions (for example). Since we are NOT licensed therapists or medical providers, we do not take responsibility for diagnosing or treating any major health concerns.

Expectations and Outcomes:

While we, Will Daddario and Joanne Zerdy, commit to working with you during a predetermined length of time (through conversations, email and video chat correspondence, et al.), we cannot make any promises about the level, degree, or kind of learning, healing, or personal growth that you will “achieve” or “complete” during our time together. We encourage you to reflect on your own learning, healing, and personal growth processes throughout the duration of our time together, and we will provide you with ideas, activities, and tools to continue this work.

Do you have additional Questions or Concerns? Please Contact us if you would like clarification on any aspect of our work together!