Grieving and healing are inextricably linked. Opening to grief leads to an improvement in one’s quality of life, and closing to grief causes more pain, sorrow, and further suffering in the short and long terms. Reaching out to others for support, aid, camaraderie, and inspiration is a sign of great strength and courage. Experimenting with creative approches to grieving can enrich one’s healing journey.


Popular culture in the United States (and likely in many other places) does not want anything to do with grief. The word itself scares people away. Yet, many, many people are grieving something heavy on a daily basis, and the work to alleviate the stigma of grief is necessary, timely, and healing in itself. Grief offers us opportunities to lead more meaningful, connected, and reflective lives.


How permission to grieve lightens the heart. How communities of people with little in common form tightly around the shared experience of traumatic loss. How working together to soothe grief’s sting transforms into deeply meaningful interactions in everyday life. How healing helps us on individual, familial, community, and societal levels. How sharing our stories and listening to others’ tales of loss and grief increases our collective grief literacy and emboldens us to make healthy changes in our lives.

We understand that the term “Grief” can apply to dozens of situations: the death of a loved one, chronic health problems, a terminal diagnosis, struggles with infertility and/or pregnancy loss, watching the decline of a loved one, forced migration, job loss, the end of a serious relationship, the pain felt from environmental catastrophe and the suffering of animals, and on and on….

We recognize this grief, and its accompanying feelings of pain, loss, disappointment, and/or sorrow as a weight you are learning to carry — perhaps awkwardly, perhaps gracefully. Our endeavor is to support you as you cultivate a sustainable and sustaining grief practice that acknowledges all of the contours of your grief experience AND generates practical, creative, and empowering ways for you to continue the work of living. We want to assist you with your grief work, not only so that you can heal yourself but so that you, too, can walk alongside and assist fellow grievers.

Grief Work Offerings:

Testimonials for Our Grief Work


"After the recent loss of my mama, I found out about Inviting Abundance and their upcoming grief workshop. The timing was perfect. I felt safe, welcome and held from the moment I stepped into the space. Joanne and Will met me where I was in that moment and the variety of exercises and activities supported my grief process in such a beautiful and genuine way. I am very grateful for my time with Inviting Abundance and I look forward to more workshops in the future." - Clare D.

"Joanne & Will are weaving their impressive backgrounds in the performing arts, education & philosophy to offer nurturing workshops on healing from loss. Their love for each other & their own journey as loving grieving parents, lends grace to the important mental tools they offer, such as grief mapping. Where else can you find two PhDs whose hearts are open? I recommend their work wholeheartedly.” - Sheridan H.


“Joanne and Will created a warm, welcoming, and safe space for me after experiencing three pregnancy losses. I was so encouraged by attending their Creative Grief Workshop. Their knowledge, understanding, and wisdom, alongside encouragement from others in the group, came at the perfect time for me in my grief journey. I am grateful for their ability to hold space for me and others that have lost. If you have been interested in doing a workshop like this, but haven't made the leap yet, do it!”  - Sadie W.

“The [workshop] day held a wonderful space for us each to share our grief stories (or how we work with grief) and to be heard without anyone offering advice or telling us what we 'should' do. I particularly enjoyed creating our grief map and the creations of the other participants have also stayed with me and expanded my view on how grief can be viewed. With sharing stories, tea meditation, physical exercises and art the day engaged my senses along with my heart and my hands and left me enthused and ready to engage with the world again.”- Jude L.


Creative Grief Work Mentorship

By choosing to work with us, you receive:

4 sessions (60-75 minutes each) during an agreed-upon timeline in which we work on your specific area(s) of need. During these meetings you will receive:

  • A personalized and collaboratively made “grief plan” that includes:

    • Suggestions for reading, listening, and/or viewing based on your experience and interests (with optional response questions to delve more deeply into the materials);

    • Recommendations for physical activities/exercises that you can do to help open your heart, feel grounded, and connect to your intuitive knowing (with optional reflective writing prompts);

    • Access to all of the resources (texts, art projects, podcasts, meditation exercises, embodied healing modalities, etc.) we have compiled over the years of our personal grief journeys;

    • Practical & creative strategies regarding, for example, interacting with others, expressing your needs, creating everyday rituals, and carving out time and space for healing;

    • Verbal and/or written responses to your grief work that offer another perspective on where you have traveled and what you have learned thus far along your grief journey;

  • Unlimited email support during our scheduled time working together, which you can use to solicit advice, brainstorm ideas, respond to questions, or think through writing;

  • a 50% Discount off of Joanne’s Grief Mapping online class for you or a friend

  • Mentorship and compassion from two fellow grievers

Package Cost - $200-300 (*pay what you can within that range)

**Please Note: If you wish to continue our work together, you will receive a 20% discount on your next 4-session package.


Explore what’s possible when you work with your grief…