Traditional learning environments are not necessarily the best places to learn or to think or to integrate big ideas into everyday life anymore. This is perhaps one of the biggest tragedies of the twentieth century, but the sequel to the story can come to life through experiments in non-traditional, self-directed education and inquisitive exploration of one's environmental and social relationships.


Combining differents areas of study (such as the arts, environmental science & literature) provides vital avenues into problem-solving and collaborative work. The world of ideas need not be separate from the world of daily life. Philosophy is not intended solely for academics and self-identified intellectuals. To the contrary, thinking deeply and in great detail about the big questions of life is needed NOW more than ever by as many different people as possible! This process should start at an early age and continue throughout one's lifetime.


How one single encounter between teacher and student can change the entire world. How individualized plans of study crafted outside of formal learning environments can open doors to employment and new career paths. How increasing our awareness of and exposure to the natural world helps us to feel grounded, confident, and connected. How learning purposefully by cultivating curiosity and developing adventurous research methods can lead to impassioned mentoring of others to continue their own study, thus spiraling out into shared, dynamic, lifelong learning. 

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Does any of this sound familiar? School was never fun. You were told, or encouraged to think, that you weren’t smart. School became a series of hoops through which to jump until, finally, you just stopped jumping and decided to do something that made you feel a bit more alive. But you always wondered, “What if?” What if you followed through with your passion for geography, or for literature, or for art-making, or for public speaking, or for thinking generally about the hugeness of the world.

Or maybe the opposite is true. School was fun. You were encouraged to trust your intellectual skills. But the U.S. education system funneled you into a specific path that never took you to the right destination. You learned a lot, but you never had a place to put it. And now you find yourself wanting to incorporate your intellectual energy into your life.

Our experience has taught us that true learning frequently happens outside of official educational environments. So we have both turned our attention away from the University to these outside spaces, and we have been pleased to find a giant population of people just like you who are learning how to think differently and creatively about the world in order to improve your life and, just perhaps, society at large.

We have created curricula of advanced study for college graduates, helped artists sketch designs for an institute of creative learning, encouraged individuals to turn their entire lives into a work of art, devised methods for integrating the arts more dynamically into the humanities, and brainstormed many more experiments aimed at helping each individual learn in his, her, or their own way. We are creating online courses with compelling content to inspire learning across the globe. Are you feeling inspired to join us?

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Client Endorsement

“Joanne and Will are incredible mentors. They listen for the nuanced complexities of your experience and through research, dialogue, and development, facilitate the growth and maturation of your ideas. Your mind is a fertile soil, your emotions the fertilizer, and Inviting Abundance are master gardeners. Should you choose to engage with them, be prepared for a fruitful harvest!” —Dan M.

Mentoring Options:

Self-Directed Study, Curriculum Development, or Project Visioning & Support

Self-Directed Study

After purchasing our services, you receive:

  • An initial consultation during which we sketch out an individualized plan of study related to your specific interests;

  • A refined plan of study and concrete syllabus of readings, exercises, and activities intended to lead you to your desired outcome based on clear objectives;

  • Twice weekly meetings (60-90 minute per meeting) for a span of one month to work face-to-face (via online video chats or in-person meetings) on the ideas and challenges you encounter during your work;

  • Weekly email support where we can respond to your questions and ideas, review assignments, send additional resources to you, etc.;

  • A final session in which we determine a way for you to integrate your work into your job, family life, and/or practice of self-care.

Mentorship Cost: $200-300 (pay what you can within that range)

**Please Note: Once you complete your month of self-directed study, you are entitled to receive a 20% discount on a second month of learning mentorship.


Curriculum Development

If you have a business or organization that currently Offers Classes to your clientele or the general public OR needs curricula to help support employee training, then consider hiring us to enhance your offerings and refine your educational philosophy.

After purchasing our services, you receive:

  • An initial consultation, during which you tell us about the aims and goals of your business or organization and your current or future class offerings, as well as any challenges you have faced in the administration of these classes;

  • A qualitative evaluation of your offerings aimed at identifying specific ways to strengthen your individual classes and overall curriculum and your mode(s) of teaching;

  • 4 sessions (60-90 minutes each) during an agreed-upon timeline in which we work together to design lesson plans, brainstorm activities to include in the classes, and devise methods of following-up with your students after the completion of the classes;

  • A list of suggestions for the types of classes, workshops, or activities you could design and implement in the near future keyed directly to your personal strengths and interests as well as your professional expertise and objectives.

Project Visioning & Support

If you are developing a project that requires both Big Picture Thinking and Creative Support for Organizing the Logistics of materializing this project, consider hiring us to weave together ideas, offer resources, and review your writing materials (business plans, grant proposals, web copy, etc.).

After purchasing our services, you receive:

  • An initial consultation, during which you tell us about the project’s origin, objectives, current state of development, etc. as well as any challenges that you have faced or that you anticipate tackling in the future;

  • A comprehensive assessment of your project, in which we identify possible resources, review any available written text, pose additional questions related to the content and/or structure of the project, and propose clear objectives & a timeline for our work together;

  • 4 sessions (60-90 minutes each) during which we tackle pieces of the project as related to our agreed-upon objectives: this could relate to conducting research, identifying possible funding sources, generating content, devising ways to link the textual, visual & embodied dimensions of the project, ideas for archiving your research and materials, etc.;

  • A list of suggested next steps, including additional resources and questions, for you to continue developing your project.

Curriculum Development and Project Visioning & Support Cost: $400

**Please Note: Once our 4 sessions conclude, you are welcome to register for an additional 4 sessions of Curriculum Development or Project Visioning & Support for a 20% discount.