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"This Grief Thing": a guest blog from Fevered Sleep

A guest blog from our friends Sam Butler and David Harradine of UK-based Fevered Sleep. Here, Sam and David reflect on their ongoing project, “This Grief Thing,” which opens up space for grief through pop-up shops in cities around England. In these spaces, the typical silence around grief gives way to stories, intimate moments between strangers, and the many kinds of expression made possible by bodies gathered together in solidarity. This post links back to our episode with Fevered Sleep on the To Grieve podcast. Please listen to that after reading Sam and David’s reflections.

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Penguin Death and the Wild Scope of Grief

Recent news reports have revealed the decimation of one of the world’s largest Emperor Penguin colonies. Deciding not to ignore this situation but, rather, to open to the pain of this scope of loss, Will finds himself wading deeper into the process of active grieving that he has undertaken since the deaths of his father, son, and step-father.

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