Institutionalized Western medicine is capable of causing as much harm as good. While the world of “alternative medicine” presents a dizzying array of options for people seeking to avoid Western medical institutions, all it takes is a helpful guide to reveal a path. Due to its reliance on self-care and its constant reminder about the power of YOUR OWN intuitive knowing, Reiki is the perfect first stepping stone on this path.


The Reiki experience leads to practical steps that, when followed with care, lead to physical and spiritual healing and a sense of balance and well-being. The fusion of Eastern and Western thinking that structures Reiki practice (as Will approaches and understands it) provides a helpful language for interpreting your body’s non-verbal signs related to, for example, inner conflict, pain, grief, and imbalance.


How a single Reiki session can change somebody’s entire disposition. How an encounter with a dynamic Reiki Master Teacher can lead to enriched interest in other facets of one’s life and of life’s many mysteries. How Reiki can deeply connect us to ourselves and our loved ones (whether they are living or dead). How Distance Reiki travels across physical space to bring strength, support, and positive energy where it’s needed. How Reiki puts the power of healing back into your own hands.



We understand Reiki as a spiritual art and healing practice that, above all else, sharpens our intuitive knowledge of our own physical and psychic conditions. At Inviting Abundance, we utilize Reiki as both a stand-alone healing practice and as a launching pad to other forms of self-care, especially related to grieving, growing, and learning. Whether you seek a single session for rebalancing, a roadmap to a holistic plan for general empowerment, or a way to move forward on your grieving journey, we believe Reiki can reveal a unique path to you.

Don’t live in the Asheville, NC area? No worries! Distance Reiki enables Will to work with you how ever many miles away you are. He has facilitated several powerfully informative and healing Distance Reiki sessions with friends and clients.


Reiki Offerings:


Reiki Session Testimonial

"My Reiki experience was great in many ways, one of them being the amount and the accuracy of the information that Will delivered me after the session. It offered a fresh perspective for reflecting my situation and a new reason to wonder, how do we know what we know." - Tuija A (Distance Reiki client)

Reiki Table Set up for Appointments.

Reiki Table Set up for Appointments.

Close-up of Reiki table with cozy blanket!

Close-up of Reiki table with cozy blanket!

Reiki Session Pricing

Our prices are based on a sliding scale. We wish to make these services available to everyone who needs them. If the amounts listed simply aren’t doable for you, please contact us and let us have a conversation to find a solution that works for both of us. Click on any of the links below to purchase the relevant item.
*Please note that Booking a Multiple-Session Package both saves you money and schedules restorative, healing time for yourself in the days ahead!!

Single Reiki Session (Distance or In-Person):

$55-$75 (pay what you can within that range)

Package of 3 Reiki Sessions (Distance or In-Person):

$140-$200 (pay what you can within that range)

**With this package, you also receive One Free Session that you can gift to someone in need**

Package of 6 Reiki Sessions (Distance or In-Person):

$250-$320 (pay what you can within that range)

**With this package, you also receive Two Free Sessions that you can gift to people in need**

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