Grief Mapping Online Class

Grief Mapping Online Class

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A self-paced online course for grievers to openly, actively, and creatively explore their grieving and healing journey.

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**Please  Note: After registering for the course, you will receive an email from Joanne with instructions on how to start the Grief Mapping class. Thank you!!

**A brief overview:

In the course you will receive:

  • An Introduction-Overview that introduces grief mapping & grieving journeys and explains the class structure

  • Four Weekly Assignment Prompts that are divided into 3 sections:

    • A Reading/Viewing Section that invites you to learn about different kinds of mapping processes and maps

    • A Map-Making Prompt that provides you with suggestions, questions, and ideas for generating 4 unique grief maps: World Grief Map, Chorographical Grief Map, Grief Body Map, and Grief Road Map

    • A Directional-Intention Section that uses the 4 directions (East, South, West, North) to encourage you to set an Intention in order to continue the embodied work of healing

  • A Conclusion that presents questions for observation, reflection, and insight

  • You will also receive Detailed Feedback (questions, observations, additional resources, etc.) from Joanne after you submit each Section Assignment

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