Reiki II (Class and Attunement)

Reiki II (Class and Attunement)

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Taught by Reiki Master Teacher Will Daddario, PhD

Deepen your Reiki healing practice by understanding the spiritual beliefs that undergird the Usui Reiki system. Part of this deepening includes learning about and practicing Distance Reiki healing, which is an integral part of starting your own Reiki business.

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Reiki II introduces practitioners to the esoteric sign system that strengthens Reiki healing. Additionally, Reiki II helps students to understand and engage with Distance Healing. If you have integrated your attunement from Reiki I and are looking to deepen your Reiki practice, then please consider registering for this course. 

This course will be taught by Reiki Master Teacher Will Daddario, PhD. Will treats Reiki as an intuitive art that draws from both an individual's life experience and a long tradition of Japanese spiritual belief. In this class he dwells on the Buddhist history behind Reiki while also emphasizing Reiki's applicability to everyday life in the United States.