Reiki III (Class and Attunement)

Reiki III (Class and Attunement)

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Taught by Reiki Master Teacher, Will Daddario, PhD

Designed for individuals who are interested in the act of teaching Reiki and who want to explore the subtlest vibrations of Reiki energy, this training completes the cycle of three Reiki attunements and culminates in the attainment of “Reiki Master.”

This term, however, is loaded with historical weight and receives careful consideration during the class. “Mastery,” as such, is not the goal of this class. Instead, students will leave with an appreciation of the art of teaching and a deep respect for the premise of not-knowing.

For more information on our Reiki Classes, click HERE. To set up a one-on-one Reiki III training with Will before October 24, 2019, please contact him.

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